Vivekanand Biometric - Android Based Biometric Time Attendance System By TechMax Solution For AEBAS, PMKVY, SDI, DGET, ISDS, RSLDS, CSSDA, NIIT Portal with GPS Location - SIM Card - SD Card Support
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biometric for sdi and dget vtp centers - stqc certified

Techmax Solution provides Biometric Time Attendance System for NIIT Training Centers registered at NIIT Portal.
This Biometric Device used to make attendance with GPS Location and Send that attendance to portal.

Vivekanand Biometric Time Attendance System For NIIT Training Centers Introduced By TechMax Solution at Surat (Gujarat-India).

biometric device for niit training centers
*Device Design & Specifications is Subject to Change without Prior Notice.

Features of Biometric Device:
- Fully Standalone Device (No Need Of Any Computer or Software)
- Complete Match With All NIIT Norms.
- Online With NIIT Portal.
- 512 MB RAM – 4 GB Memory.
- STQC Certified Sensor.
- On Device Reporting.
- 7 Inch Touch Screen.
- English / Hindi Voice Prompt.
- Both Mounting (Table Top + Wall Mount)
- Excel Report Generated Direct In Machine No Need Of Computer.
- Fastest Fingerprint Matching.

Why Vivekanand Biometric is Better Than All Other Devices ?
- This Device is fully standalone so you don’t need to install any kind of software in computer. So there is no problems like provide team viewer to vendor, reinstall software because of virus in computer, Operating System compatibility, format computer.
- Because of Standalone Device you don’t depend on computer to send attendance to NIIT Portal.
- This Device is very user friendly like android application so you don’t need highly educated people to operate this.
- Because of Standalone Device you need less support and time for installation.
- Quick and Hassle Free installation than all other devices.

Device Specifications as Below:
Hardware Specification 
S.No Component Specification Compliance (Yes/No)
1 Biometric Sensor and Extractor  All the parameters of Biometric Devices for Authentication should be as per latest STQC scheme for certification of UIDAI biometric Devices (Authentication). STQC certified sensor and extractor only.  Yes (STQC Certified)
2 Processor 32- bit, ARM-9/x86 equivalent of higher, 400 MHz of higher frequency  Yes
3 Memory RAM 128 of higher, FLASH 256 MB or higher  Yes
Memory capacity to store fingerprints >0 3000 
Memory capacity to store transaction logs >=100000 
Memory capacity to store device operation logs>=100000 
4 Add on Memory Micro SD Slot minimum 4 GB or more  Yes
5 Keypad Minimum 16 key alpha numeric keypad with navigation  Yes
keys, key size to be large enough for navigation, or on 
screen key pad of Qwerty keypad. 
6 OS/ Software Following OS with GUI Support, JVM or equivalent support  Yes (Android)
& SDK for 3rd party application development 
i. Linux 2.6 or higher 
ii. Windows 
iii. Android 
iv. Any other equivalent OS 
7 Ports USB 2.0 or higher -1 or more nose, RJ 45 (Ethernet)/ wifi  Yes
8 Language Support Unicode support for all Indian language including English  Yes
9 Status indications Multi colour LED’s / LCD (to indicate network connection,  Yes
signal strength to indicate battery charge remaining etc) or 
on screen display to all indicator like battery charger network strength etc. 
10 Other indicators Audio/ visual capability, A/V indication either at device  Yes
level or at application level for 
Indication various events like 
a) Indicating for placing finger 
b) Start of capturing 
c) End or capturing 
11 Connectivity Two channels or connectivity are mandatory for devices,  Yes
first connectivity as GPRS is mandatory. Second 
connectivity can be through wifi b/g/n/ fixed broadband 
e.g. GPRS + broadband, GPRS + wifi etc 
12 Non – volatile storage Must be capable of storing audit trails of at least 1000 transactions Yes
13 Display  Minimum 3.5” screen or higher, with at least 262k colors TFT  Yes
14 Battery backup  Minimum 4 hours battery backup  Yes
15 Antenna  Internal, External / Extended External Antenna  Yes
16 Power adaptor  AC/ DC adaptor with surge protection, input 100 -264v AC, 50Hz  Yes
17 Environment Storage not including battery 0’C to 55’ c  Yes
Operating temp 0’ C to 50 ‘C
18 Humidity  10-90 % RH Non-condensing  Yes
19 Speaker A facility should be provided for voice confirmation of the transaction, 1W or more  Yes
20 Other Accessories Durable carry case, multilingual user manual (English, Hindi) screwdriver, damper a white cloth (45 cm * 45 CM)  Ok 
21 Other features External accessible slots for SIM and SD Cards  Yes
22 Support Complete cover support with breakage replacement for a period of three years.  Ok 
23 Security 2048 –bit, PKI 256 – bit AES, Base 64, SHA- 256 (optional)  Ok 
24 GPS Industry standard 16 channel NMEA compliant GPS Support Yes
25 Environment health and safety RoHS certification (optional)  Ok 
26 EMC compliance FCC class A or equivalent (optional)  Ok 
27 Ingress Protection (IP) Compliance  Dust resistant, Water resistance (optional)
Client Application Specification 
S.No Component Specification Compliance (Yes/No)
1 NFIQ Quality Software Inbuilt NFIQ quality software either at device level or extractor level to check the quality of fingerprint during enrolment  Yes
2 Enrolment client Enrolment client application shall have the following functionalities  Yes
· Enrolment of 10 fingerprints with identifier (Unique registration number) 
· Verification of NFIQ before accepting fingerprint for enrolment 
· De-duplication of fingerprint during enrolment for single candidate 
3 Authentication on client Authentication client application shall have following functionalities.  Yes
· Authentication of fingerprint based on 1: n logic among the local storage of fingerprint templates 
· Attendance transaction logs to be stored internally 
· Voice enablement of authentication output in English and Hindi 
4 Integration Biometric fingerprint enrollment and authentication client application should be integrated with office server application and should be able to upload / download through SSL / https connection dully suiting the API / web services provided by office Yes
5 Remote update of software Device must support version control feature in order to remotely monitor and provision application and system software, remote device management. Feature must be provisioned as a part of the device deployment Yes
6 Reports The following reports should be generated at the device level
1. Daily attendance report (batch wise and training center wise)
2. Batch wise attendance report
3. Student Wise attendance report
4. Trainers wise attendance report
5. Enrolment reports (displaying date of enrolment, number of fingerprint, etc)
6. Consolidated training centre attendance report
More reports may be added in the future.
7 Additional features • Device operation logs should be captured and stored internally. Device operations like, switch on & off, enrollment of finger print & user, change of settings, etc, shall be logged.
• Date and time in the biometric device should be either of the GPRS connection or server timings. No option to change the data and time should be available in the biometric device.
• Deletion of individual record (enrolment, attendance transaction logs, device operation logs should be disabled
8 Output file format Biometric data to be transferred to central server should be in XML format Yes